We are an Italian company with an export quota of over 90% and a distribution network in almost every country. We translate the Fashion Design into luxury fragrances and cosmetics Made in Italy anticipating trends through Research, Quality and Innovation!


EuroItalia is a family-owned company, a leader in the creation and distribution of some of the most successful Italian fragrances in the world.

Established in 1978 by pioneering Giovanni Sgariboldi, who believed in the potential of the selective perfumery ‘Made in Italy’, today EuroItalia is one of the leading global players in the luxury beauty industry.
Quality, innovation and creativity, together with strong insight of the market and advanced technology, enables us to translate fashion and design into luxury fragrances, strengthening our brands.


With a presence in almost every country around the world, we operate a direct distribution network with local commercial and duty free operators. We have established strong relationships so as to build a solid business, with long-term vision and ongoing commitment, to ensure the best for our brands. Our dynamic business structure allows us to act and respond quickly within an extremely competitive market. Our best asset is our people, we are proud of our employees and partners.


EuroItalia works in collaboration with Italian brands and fashion designers to strategically identify market trends, translate these efficiently into successful new fragrance lines, before developing them through to worldwide distribution.
We manage every stage of our product development: from building the creative concept to the choice of fragrance, from packaging design to industrial production and commercial placement; all underpinned by highly effective marketing, merchandising and communication strategies.
EuroItalia has been awarded many international awards and accolades for what we do, and has been nominated as a company which exports the origins and craftsmanship of ‘Made in Italy’ to the world.


our history
  • 1978

    Giovanni Sgariboldi founded Euroitalia in 1978. He is still President of the company today.
    The initial brand portfolio consisted of Oleg Cassini, Reporter and Enrico Coveri.

  • 1988

    Between 1988 and 1989 Euroitalia’s portfolio acquired brands Naj-Oleari, El Charro, icons of that time.

  • 1988

    In 1988, Euroitalia signed a license agreement with Moschino, today Moschino is still part of Euroitalia portfolio representing a key brand for the company.

  • 1992

    In 1992, Euroitalia signed a long-term agreement with Dolce&Gabbana.
    This saw a real growth period for the company with the launch of several pillar fragrances, which today are best sellers including Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue.

  • 1995

    In 1995 Euroitalia launched the first Moschino Olivia, a worldwide success that has been exposed at Mo.Ma museum in NYC.

  • 2005

    In 2005 Euroitalia signed a license agreement with Versace and now several years later, Versace is a leading brand within the fragrance business worldwide.

  • 2015

    Most recently, Euroitalia has acquired the license for Missoni, and there are big expectations within the company for the brand. In 2015, Euroitalia launched Missoni Eau de Parfum, the new fragrance for women.



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