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This Privacy Policy aims at stating clearly the methods of processing of personal data related to users/visitors of this website. This information is given in accordance with Article 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/03 – Code for the protection of personal data – to whoever is connecting to EUROITALIA s.r.l. Corporate website at the following address: The information applies only to the websites mentioned before and it does not apply to other linked websites users connect to. The website is property of and managed by EUROITALIA s.r.l..

EUROITALIA s.r.l. guarantees the respect of the law regarding the protection of personal data (Legislative Decree 196/03).

Web users and visitors must read carefully this Privacy Policy before sending any personal information and/or filling in any electronic form posted on this website.



Types of personal data and purposes for their processing


1) Data concerning the web-surfing.

Computer systems and software procedures on which this website is based are made so that they get, during their ordinary activity, information and personal data that are later sent implicitly through the web by systems based on the Internet protocol.
The gathered information concerns data that could allow to identify web users/visitors by associating and processing them with other data kept by third parties (such as, for example, the IP address, domain and registration numbers of the computers used by people connecting to the website).
These data are used and processed only for statistic purposes (therefore, they are anonymous) and to check if the website is working correctly. They are deleted as soon as they have been processed in such a way.

Data concerning web contacts are not stored for a long period except for any need of checking computer crimes damaging the website.
No information coming from the web service will ever be either communicated or disseminated.

2) Data provided spontaneously by users/visitors.

If users/visitors connecting to this website send their personal data in order to use some services or to make requests through e-mail, EUROITALIA s.r.l. gathers their addresses and/or any other personal data, which will be processed exclusively to fulfil the demand or to provide the requested service.
Personal data provided by web users/visitors will be communicated to third parties only in case it is necessary to comply with their requests.





We inform you that when accessing and browsing the website, some non-personal information about the user’s computer may be collected. Such information includes, for example:
– the type of browser (eg, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox);
– the domain name from which the user accesses Internet;
– the website from which the user has reached the site;
– the date and time of access.

This information is collected through the browser installed on the User’s computer, through the so-called cookies.

Cookies are data files of small size, often containing an anonymous identification code, that are sent from a Web server to the User’s browser and are saved on the hard disk of the User’s computer. The cookie can be read by the website that sent it, and recognized at every new connection.

There are different kinds of cookies:
– cookies that allow a more efficient navigation and the use of a website, or that are necessary to enable certain functionalities;
– cookies used in order to avoid putting the same information at each access (such as, for example, username and password);
– cookies aimed at storing User’s navigation preferences and for the customization of a site according to their needs.

The site uses the following cookies:

(a) Technical cookies.
They are cookies whose aim is to enable the proper functioning of the website and / or some of its individual sections and are therefore essential to allow the user the full and proper navigation on the site and use its capabilities.
These cookies can be either session cookies (that are deleted automatically when the browser is closed) or persistent cookies (ie, they are not cancelled even after you close your browser, but persist until a preset date).
Some examples of features that are enabled by these cookies are:
– tracking data of users;
– sharing on social network.
In any case, these cookies are set in order to avoid the use of techniques that compromise the privacy of navigation and they do not acquire personal identifying data of the User.
This type of cookies is implemented both by EuroItalia Srl and by third parties (so-called “Third Party” cookies), the latter mainly with the function of allowing the user to share a particular site page on social networks, as better specified in the paragraph “Third Party cookies”.

(b) Analytical cookies.
Cookies in this category (so-called “cookie analytics” or simply “analytics”) are used to collect anonymous information about the use of the site.
The site uses this information to obtain anonymous statistical analysis in order to improve its use and to make the content more in line with the technical requirements of the users.
Analytical cookies are sent from the Site itself (so-called “first part” cookies) or domains/websites of third parties (so-called “Third Party” cookies), as better specified in the paragraph here following for reference.

Third Party cookies
This website uses the following third-party cookies:


 Name  Supplier  Description  Duration
_ga  Google Inc.  Analytics is a service offered by Google Inc. that generates detailed statistics on the website traffic and traffic sources. Google  Analytics can track visitors from all links external to the site, including search engines and social networks, direct visits and  reference sites.  2 years
__atuvc provides a series of buttons to be included in a web page and facilitate the distribution and subscription of web  content on “social” sites such as, but not limited to, Facebook and Twitter.  2 years
__atuvs provides a series of buttons to be included in a web page and facilitate the distribution and subscription of web  content on “social” sites such as, but not limited to, Facebook and Twitter.  30  minutes



User’s consent

Current regulation does not require the User’s consent to the use First Party’s technical and analytical cookies, as these are necessary and in any case strictly functional to provide the services requested for the navigation on the site.
For all other types of cookies and, in particular, for third-party cookies, the User can give or withhold consent in one or more of the following ways:
– by accessing and changing the settings of the browser used (for more information please refer to the paragraph called “ Managing cookies through browser settings”);
– by changing the settings in the use of third-party services (for more information please refer to the paragraph called “Managing cookies through access to Third Party sites”);
– by changing the settings as described below.



Managing cookies through browser settings

Almost all browser for internet browsing are set to accept cookies automatically.
The User can change the preset configuration and disable cookies by setting, in the special form, the desired level of security.
In any case, the user has also the ability to delete individual cookies from their own computer, by selecting the “General” tab from “Internet Options” in the Tools menu, and by clicking on the delete button.
Here below are reported more detailed instructions for the cookies management by the User, for the most popular browsers. For more information:
To remove cookies from the Internet browser of your smartphone/tablet please refer to the User manual of your device.
– Google Chrome: select Tools from the menu, then Options (Preferences for Mac), go to Advanced and then select Privacy – Content setting;
– Mozilla Firefox: for Mac, select Privacy in the option “Preferencies”, go to the section “Show cookies”. For Windows, select Options in the “Tools” section, access to Privacy and then configure a custom option for the data history;
– Internet Explorer: in the option “Tools”, select “Internet Options” and access to Privacy;
– Safari: from the menu “Preferences”, select Privacy.
In any case, it is recommended to the User to check every time also the directions of his own browser.



Managing cookies through access to Third Party sites

As indicated in the above paragraphs, the site may contain third-party cookies and links to other websites: the third parties have their own privacy policy that is different from the one adopted by the site, and to which Euroitalia Srl is completely unrelated.
Below are the links to pages containing information and specific instructions of Third Parties:;
The User is encouraged to read carefully the information and policies concerning the use of cookies adopted by third parties, following what mentioned above, in order to become aware of any changes made by the suppliers themselves.



Methods of data processing


Data are processed both through computer-based tools (such as electronic procedures) and manually (such as on paper-based procedures) only for the limited time period necessary for the purposes according to which they have been gathered and, anyway, in compliance with the related law.



Optional communication of personal data


Apart from what has been specified previously about navigation data, web users/visitors can decide they want to provide their personal data. Not communicating them only implies that users’ requests will not be fulfilled.



Data controller, data processors and people in charge


The data controller is EUROITALIA s.r.l. – headquartered in Via Galilei, 5 – 20873 – CAVENAGO di BRIANZA (MB) – Italy.

Inside the company, the personal data will be processed by data processors and by employees in charge of the functions of data processors. They are “persons in charge of the processing” of personal data under the control of the data processors.



Rights of data subjects


The people whom the personal data refer to have the right to have it confirmed whether their data exist and are stored or not and to know about their content and origin, to check if their data are correct and to ask for their integration, update or correction (according to Article 7 of the Legislative Decree 196/03).

In accordance with that article they can require to have their data deleted, made anonymous or blocked if they are used in violation of the law. Moreover, they can anyway oppose their processing for legitimate reasons.



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