Values that count and an accurate management model that leaves nothing to chance.

The daily observance of fundamental ethical principles such as honesty, transparency, confidentiality, environmental protection and professional excellence, among many other elements, tell the story of EuroItalia in the world and guide relationships between people at every level.

EuroItalia is structured according to an innovative management model, which is constantly updated, based on a supervisory body that monitors operations and protects the Company’s integrity.

Code of ethics

This is the set of rules, ethical principles and codes of conduct that govern relations with customers, suppliers, external collaborators, employees, institutions and the media.

Model of organisation, management and control pursuant to Legislative Decree 8 June 2001 no. 231

The organisation, management and control model of EuroItalia, the supervisory body and the specific sanctions have been envisaged with the Company’s various professional pro-files in mind.